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Do you have a listing at The Colony? Are you selling your unit? Here is some information covering things you’ll need to know:

Having an Open House

There is a policy for the signage for an Open House. Real Estate agents or owners must request the use of the Colony signs, as no other signs are allowed. Please request the signs 2-3 days BEFORE the open House. The signs are available at the Clubhouse.  
DOCUMENTOpen House Signs Policy

Transfer Fee

The owners voted to implement a Transfer Fee in August of 2021. The Transfer Fee is 4 times the monthly HOA fee – currently 4 x $525 = $2100. The Transfer Fee is paid to the Colony at closing and goes into the Capital Reserve account. It is meant to be paid by the buyer. 
DOCUMENT: Transfer Fee Amendment

​6D Certificate

Prior to the Closing, the attorney will want a 6D Certificate. This is a Certificate issued by The Colony that certifies that the seller has no outstanding fees owed to them. It is issued pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 183A §6(d), hence the nickname 6D.

All the fees, including any fines, must be paid. The monthly HOA fee for the month in which the sale is scheduled is also paid.

The 6D Certificate fee is $100.
 DOCUMENT: 6D Certificate Request Information

Financial documents

The Colony will not release any financial information unless/until there is a signed Offer To Purchase or Purchase and Sale agreement.


We will work with buyers/new owners to make sure they have the insurance coverage that meshes with the Colony’s insurance policies. 

​Available Information

Septic Reports and Town Approval Letters for the systems are available from the office. We are happy to help with any questions.

Colony Facts:

70+ acres

3 Villages (Crescent, Court & Chestnut) have 142 total units

Built in 1984

There are three unit models: “A” (approx. 1297 sq. ft.), “B” (approx. 1375 sq. ft.) & “C” (approx. 1510 sq. ft.)
DOCUMENT: Floor Plans 

Each unit has ONE numbered parking space. Parking spaces around the villages are for non-commercial cars, mini vans and SUVs only. Other vehicles (including pick up trucks), motorcycles and commercial vehicles must park in the central lot by the clubhouse even if your ‘family car’ is a pick up truck.

Units may be rented, with restrictions:
  • The rental term must be for no less than 1 month
  • The entire unit must be rented
  • Occupancy is no more than 6 adults
The Colony is pet friendly. Each unit may be home to one cat or one dog, we have no size restriction for the animal. If you are a multi-pet household considering a purchase here, please contact the office to ask the board of trustees to hear your request for an exemption.

The monthly HOA fee is currently $525. It includes:

  • All Amenities:  Indoor pool, outdoor pool (open May to Oct), spa (hot tub), sauna, racquetball court, exercise room, 2 tennis courts each with 2 pickleball courts, putting green, and basketball hoop.
  • Landscaping & lawn mowing
  • Snow Plowing and walkway clearing after 2 inches of snow.
  • Recycling and household trash disposal
For further information - DOCUMENT: Rules Package

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